Why should I choose GEM for buying a lift?

Mar. 23th, 2017

GEM Lifts have over 18 years of experience in the lift industry. We are an ISO 9001:2016 and CE certificated manufacturer offering a complete range of goods lifts, scissor lift tables, vertical platform lifts and loading dock ramps. Many of our lifts are manufactured in our factory in Shandong Province, China and we made an economic contribution to our country by employing more than 180 people. We pride ourselves in designing safe and user-friendly products which are CE authorized and comply with all the relevant domestic and international standards, where appropriate.


As to why choose GEM Lifts for buying appropriate lift machinery, 2 aspects are elaborated in this article.And firstly, let' get familiar with 4 major featured types of lifts one by one. 

1. Goods lift: The most brilliant feature for GEM goods lift is it's manufacturing techniques.The lift surface is handled by shot blasting machine and done by spray plastic. With these two important techniques, goods lift will get out of rust even for outdoor installation. 
2. Scissor lift table: Various usages determine that scissor lift tables need to be designed variously. GEM professional design team,with 20 years' experience, works on this field and has persistently provided personalized technological support and service for worldwide customers from more than 150 countries. 
3. Vertical platform lift: GEM provides both enclosed and unenclosed vertical platform lifts according to different requirements. This type of lifts become more and more popular among different countries.As a newly coming member, enclosed vertical platform lift is a better option now. 
4. Loading dock ramp: Besides economical feature, we also accept customization for loading dock ramp. Such as bigger platform,heavier load capacity, sectional type, etc. We sell this product to logistic companies, plants, warehouses, docks etc.          

 Secondly, we are not only producing machines, but we are also providing service. 

1. Before order, customers can get free offer and design from GEM. What you need to do is to make clear what you use the lift for, and what your installing conditions are.Professional and patient, our salesmen and engineers will discuss with you one question by one question, until all your confusions are solved perfectly.

2. During order, production will be strictly supervised by QC department.Once a subtle error is produced, the lift will be reproduced until the quality standards are reached. After production, lifts can be tested out and the testing videos will be sent to you to get your confirmation. Also the delivery steps will be followed by after-sales department until the product delivered to the specified destination. We also help with the installation if needed. Engineers are available to be abroad.

3. After order, our service is for free. We will help deal with any question you encountered in operation.But we do have confidence that our high quality and strong-structured lift will work well normally for many many years.Additionally, a qualified product will save much more labor cost and maintenance cost.             

To choose a perfect lift is not only selecting a product, it is also concerns the safety and life.Our qualified lifts can give you reliable daily usage in an safe way and instant service can solve what you are worried about. We do both things every day and night. All the workers here,are willing to provide you with the most suitable lift and better convenient life.