Why customers choose GEMWAY® wheelchair lift for disabled people?

July 6,2017

There is no doubt that security is the most important factor in the process of purchasing the wheelchair lift. The production of safest wheelchair lift for disabled people has always been GEMWAY®’s pursuit. After eighteen years of improvement, now, our wheelchair lift has a series of safety devices that provide the most powerful protection for the safety of the disabled people. Now please come with me into the world of wheelchair lift safety devices.

Hello everyone, my name is interlock key. Our safety devices family has three people. My brother Bottom Safety Sensor, little brother Manual Decline Valve and me. As a big-brother, let me introduce myself firstly. The wheelchair lift only work when I help the platform door full closed. I provide the first layer of protection for the goods and user’s safety.
This is my brother Bottom Safety Sensor. Handicap lift is not only to protect the safety of the people on the platform, but also protect the safety of people around the lift. He is on the four corners and middle of the platform. The wheelchair lift will be stopped immediately if the bottom meets obstacles when lifting down.
Last but not least, my little brother Manual Decline Valve. Once the electric power is off, the platform can be lowered by manual down button in case of the electricity is suddenly.The three of us make up a solid triangle. Each holds fast to his own position when people use the wheelchair lift. 
To choose a perfect wheelchair lift is not only selecting a product, but also concerning the safety and happiness of life. Only use high-quality wheelchair lift can disabled people achieve plenty of security. That is the reason why customers choose GEMWAY® wheelchair lift for disabled people. If you also need wheelchair lift, please come and contact us.