Run-in period of new electric scissor lift

Mar 14, 2016

As we all know, there will be a run-in period for the new lift just bought, so everyone encountered some mechanical glitches, but do not worry to get angry, you can consult the company's sale. Same to the electric scissor lift, the use during the run-in period should be in strict accordance with the instructions, which is directly related to the future life of the machine.

It is likely to cause wear parts wear faster during run-in period. In this case, if the overload operation, it may result in damage to lift parts, resulting in premature failure. Because of the structure of the lift, not enough to understand the performance, especially the new operator, due to errors caused by malfunction, or even cause an accident lifts.

So, at the first 100 hours stage pls pay attention to rational use as below:

1. its surface waxing

Summer scissor lift body paint surface, in the hot sun will accelerate the aging, fading or even fall off. Thus, the owner of the summer should focus on doing the paint protection against oxidation corrosion paint. Lift owners first need to clean, dirty and observe whether there is obvious paint scratches, paint by hand, if necessary friction, to see whether smooth. Then no longer afraid of ultraviolet radiation and acid-base, sand erosion.

2. Engine cooling

The engine is the core of electric scissor lift, when used a little longer in summer, it is easy to cause the engine to overheat, when engine overheating occurs, we should determine decisively and quickly disposed of, summarized the following manner: (1) determine whether there is cooling water, or water completely out of water (2), in addition to no water completely "dry", but can not immediately turn off (3), with irrigated radiators, non-twist water cover (4), should be thoroughly dry additional disposal.

3. Personnel safety considerations:

Personnel working in the car at high temperatures need to have a comfortable environment, so it is possible to avoid a series of man-made accidents; at the same time a large amount of summer rain, the wipers is particularly important and must be carefully examined promptly replaced.

Described above these points are the most commonly encountered in the summer, So we need to prepare well in advance of several jobs, safety is always the first, must not be careless.