Most popular aerial equipment-Towable boom lift

Jan 1, 2016

The towable boom lift is a professional aerial installation, maintenance, and decoration for exterior walls, insulation overhead line and maintenance, fire and rescue, aircraft maintenance inspection, street maintenance and other operations etc. with rising workers to reach the desired position by operating platform lift.

Because the boom lift is mainly used for manned, so it needs very high security requirements. High-altitude operations basket and aerial work platform has been rapidly gaining popularity. with large number of new high-rise buildings in the country's urban built.

The current development of the main performance of aerial work platforms in ever-increasing variety. Ten years ago our products is mainly scissor lift and heavy trailer man lift. In the rapid economic development today, there have been new products to increase, such as GEM trailer boom lift and self propelled scissor lift. Currently the Chinese market potential of aerial work platform industry is great due to its construction machinery strong demand.

With labor costs rising altitude renovation, maintenance and other frequent, aerial work platforms such products will be changed more and more people’s aerial work habits . All of this products, GEM towable boom lift will be the best choice.