5 units hydraulic lift table for Oman customer

Oct. 28th,2016

The Sultanate of Oman is characterized by political-economic stability in a turbulent region. The Sultanate of Oman is situated on the south eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and is neighbored by the United Arab Emirates to the north, Saudi Arabia to the west and Yemen to the south. Oman is categorized as a ‘middle-income’ country by CIA Factbook. The total GDP of the country was USD 94,86 billion in 2013, and the GDP per capita was USD 29.800 for the same year. The economy of Oman is characterized by a stable growth path of around 5% growth per year and low inflation. We also have more and more customers in Oman and do very good long term business with them.

We finished five units hydraulic lift table for one of our regular Oman customers, they will be installed in our customer's warehouse and used for lifting cargo to upper floor. Their main parameters and photos as below.

1. Lifting height: 1600mm

2. Platform size: 2000*2000mm

3. Load capacity: 2000kgs

We will customize the motor according to your local voltage, you can plug in AC power directly when we need the lift to work. Our lift table also is with control box and handle controller on platform, which will be very convenient to operate for customers.

Besides blue, we designed another deep yellow color for the second powder coating color for our lifts, as these scissor lift tables show. In some area, this color stands for safety warning for aerial working. If you like it, welcome to choose when you place a order.

If you are looking for lifts now, welcome to contact us by email of inquiry07@gemlift.com for more information.