How to manufacture 20 ton goods lift

Jun 27, 2016

Heavy-duty is a distinct feature for hydraulic goods lift. Not only the platform size, lifting height, and safety fence can be customized, but also the load capacity. This capacity depends on what will the customer lifting, such as simple goods or truck. To manufacture a 20 ton goods lift, the safety is a most important factor to consider with. Below we will use a 20 ton lift sample which we made for a donation customer to explain how to manufacture a 20 ton goods lift.

Firstly, GEM engineer will design according to the site and customer request. Three important factors are: load capacity, shaft size, and travel height. Our engineer's 20 years design experience will make sure the design is suitable for the site installation and most safe. The drawing will come out within 8 hours time for this lift. The special design for this lift is a "anti-falling safety device", which will prevent the platform from falling when the goods or truck walk onto it.

Secondly, after the drawing handled to workers, they will choose the manganese steel as the material. Manganese steel are mostly used for building, ship, cars etc, more strong than carbon steel.

Thirdly, workers will use CNC router machine to cut the materials and weld them by automatic welding machine. The most parts are shaped after this step.

Fourthly, workers will do shot blasting for the materials, to keep the surface far from rusting. Our shot blasting machine is advanced digital machine, after this step, the materials looking shinning.

Fifthly, the 20 ton goods lift will be pre-installed in the plant, to see the working performance whether good enough. During pre-install, the lift will be installed and tested carefully. At this step, we will use 5 days to finish. Our workers Serious and responsible work attitude is a very important step to make sure this lift works well and safe.

In the end, the goods lift will be done with spray plastic. Long last surface to keep the lift from been rusted.

Now, do you know how GEM manufacture 20 ton goods lift? If not very clear, leave message to us, we will be happy to design a perfect goods lift as per your requirement. GEM engineers, workers, and after-sale department will at service any time you need.