How to make a highly configured mobile scissor lift?


How to make a highly configured mobile scissor lift?

Every product is excepted to have the difference of quality and brand, including the difference of high configuration and low-level configuration. Take  car as an example, a highly configured car will make people feel more convenient and comfortable. And highly configured mobile scissor lift will be more helpful to help people work. How to make a highly configured mobile scissor lift? GEMWAY engineers think it should have four configurations.

1. AC-DC power. If AC power is not easy to be gotten in the working site. Battery power can help people work. With the battery power, you can move and use the lift in everywhere.

2. Battery auxiliary walk. If the lift platform height exceed 10m, the lift self weight will over 1360kg. It is heavy. People can not move the lift. And if the lift have battery auxiliary walk, one people can trail lift easily. It can ensure the people's safety when lift move.


3. Extend platform. If you want to reach further place, and the standard platform size and your arm are not enough. Then you will need the extend platform. It can extend the platform of 600mm. Imagining, how helpful it is.

4. 700-8 Big  wheels. It is bigger than common 500-8 wheels. The lift will be moved faster when people move it. 

Last week, we just delivered 10 unit 10m high configuration portable scissor lift to our Nicaragua regular customer. It is the fourth time he purchased our high configuration lift. He always purchase our lift and resell the lift in his local. He said the high configuration man lift was very popular in his local.

If you need the mobile scissor lift, please contact GEMWAY. GEMWAY high configuration mobile scissor lift will help your business is getting better and better.