How to confirm the lifting height and stops of your goods lift?

Nov. 17th,2016 Nowadays, there are so many customers who need goods lift to convey or transfer goods such as boxed and 

crates, panel efficiently to upper storage, which save manual power work, and cost effective.

When making quotation, we need to confirm the below main parameters:

1.Traveling height, How many stops?

2.Loading capacity?

3.Platform size?

And some of our customers are confused with the first question, and which are the key questions influence price and goods 

lift design. Once confirmed incorrect, quotation will be meaningless, and both of us time and efforts were in vain. 

So it seems very essential to clear this here. When we say stops, which is count from the ground floor to the upper floor 

you would like to stop.  And the traveling height is the all the floor you would like to travel or go through. 

Please check the below drawings, which will help you much more clearly about stops and traveling height question. 

2Stops goods lift

4Stops goods lift

5Stops goods lift

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