How much should i pay for a goods lift

June 15,2016

In nowdays, more and more customers need a goods lift for facilitating transporting the goods from lower floor to upper floor, which can save much labor and be more efficient. So how much should you pay for a goods lift? It depends on the lifting height, platform size and load capacity you needed for the lift.

1. What is lifting height? That means the height from lower floor to upper floor you need to transport. 

But if the lift has three or more stops, please also kindly tell us the height of each stop, such as below drawing show. 

2. What is the platform size? That means the usable platform space you need. The platform size includes length and depth, such as below drawing shows. And the loading & unloading direction will be from length sides.

3. What is the load capacity? That means the weight you need the platform to lift up. It can be customized from 0.5 tons to 50 tons, so you can decide it according to your actual usage.

The price is influenced by above three parameters, usually it can cost anywhere from the low tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands. Also there are many extra values can be made on the goods lift, such as platform door, landing door, special safety device and so on, all of them we can talk about and we will offer the best and economical solution to our each client.

So if you are in need of this kind of good helper-goods lift, just please send us your above requirement to, all of GEM staff expect your kind inquiry and we are looking forwarder to have a chance to let you experience our best service.