How GEM vertical platform wheelchair lift keep user’s safety

Vertical platform wheelchair lift is more and more widely used indoor and outdoor in home, restaurant, bank, hospital and hotel. It applies not only to disabled people, but also to users like children, elderly people, or people who wants to raise things to another level. Because of the extensive use of vertical platform lift, it is especially important to keep safety. GEM lift is committed to the safety development of wheelchair lifts and achieves remarkable results.
Seven security measures to keep safety of GEM vertical wheelchair lift:
1.Safety sensor on the platform bottom
It could ensure the lift stop immediately when touching something under the platform, especially children or pet. This could avoid many accidents due to sightless spot vision.
2.The electromagnetic lock on platform door
The electromagnetic lock would ensure the entry and exit door not open when the platform up and down. There is also manual lock on the door to provide double security
3.Emergency stop
In case of any accident in the process of going up or down, press this button and the wheelchair will stop immediately. After the accident is resolved, just turn back the button and the elevator will work again.
4.Double chain transmission and Anti-falling device
The chains’ ultimate tension is about 2265kg, ten times higher than the loading capacity 250kg. Even if the chain breaks coincidentally during lifting process, the anti-falling device can lock the platform within 0.2s to prevent the platform from falling and ensure 100% safety.
5.Landing door(optional)
To ensure safety, the landing door is close when the platform is not used or lower to prevent children or objects from falling from the upper layer.
6.Automatic ramp with protection function
It could turn up to max 750 when up and down and protect the wheelchair from going out. And it is also used as ramp wheelchair goes in and out.
7.Skid-proof platform                                                                                                                                         
The lines and patterns on the platform have good skid-proof function to protect people or wheelchairs from slipping and falling
The seven elements guarantee the safety of the vertical wheelchair lift. Should you have interest in wheelchair lift, do not hesitate to contact us. Hope to cooperate with you in the near future.