GEM Goods lift with safety fence

Aug. 18th,2016

GEM goods lift is very popular, as it can help our customers' work to be more efficient. Nowdays many clients require safety fence outside of lift, which make the using more safety. 

Our lift will be removed rust by shot blasting, then our engineers will check the accuracy of each detail, which ensure our product to be made exactly according to our every customer’s requirements.

Then our lift will be painted by powder coating, high temperature baking makes painting to be with strong adhesive force on the lift and safety fence, not easy to fall off although they are installed wet environment.

 As the lift is with safety fence, we will do pre-installation to ensure all joints to be exact and mark the labels correspondingly, then the installation in your side will be very easy and no any problems.

We will install the hydraulic cylinder, chain and other parts well before shipment based on not influence the shipping, also we will make very detailed installation instruction   according to actual photos of each lift, so the installation will be very easy after you receiving our product.

As you are professional, so you will choose professional manufacturer, join us!