What standard and optional configurations does GEM scissor lift table provide?

Apr. 25th, 2017

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Scissor lift table is a convenient, efficient and safe way to transport cargo from one floor to higher floors.Also it is an unbeatable solution when transporting cargo between warehouse and truck.It is fully customized according to different requirements and sites.

GEM hydraulic lift table has four standard configurations, and below information will give you an idea.

1. Safety trip bar

It is installed directly underneath the platform to prevent workers or goods from falling down. And we have different designs and materialsfor your choice on this configuration.

2. Safety maintenance bar

It is at lift bottom to prevent maintenance man from unnecessary harm when doing maintenance, and it can be H type or column type.

3. Removable Guard rails

We designed guard rails to be removable and sectional above lift platform, which is more convenientto be operated by only one worker.

4. Work indicating light

Workers can know whether the lift is in working or not by this light, which can avoid some troubles on operating.


Apart from above standard configurations, there are still some optional configurations for your choice. Now we list below three for your reference.

1. Overload warning device

Scissor lift is the product for lifting heavy cargoes, which has rated load capacity. This device can protect machine well when overload.

2. Interlocking device
It means the lift only can work when the platform doors are closed well. If needed, landing doors also will be offered with interlocking device.

3. Safety PVC skirt

It can be added for nice appearance by covering the scissor structure. 

If you are looking for one lift like scissor dock lift, welcome to contact us for more information. We will design lift table according to all of your requirements and try our best to make it achieve all functions you want.