GEM New Design goods lift


GEM New Design goods lift






Bang! To provide a better service for our customer, after continually improvement, GEM technical team now launches a new design goods lift ceremoniously.








It is now in the high-speed age, efficiency comes first, traditional goods lift (average 4m/min) had not satisfied customer’s requests for speed, they need a high-speed goods lift. GEM new design goods lift’s speed can reach 21m/min, it has the characteristics of fast starting and stable operation, shorten the handing working time to convey goods at different heights.










2. Safety is the highest:

GEM new design goods lift is directly driven by gear reducer (replace the hydraulic system) which powers synchronous belts to achieve the lifting and lowering of the lift platform.

a. The synchronous belts had passed thousands of times testing, wear-resisting, gear fits perfectly, and safety factor can attain 500% (if load a 4000kg goods, you can overload within 800kg).

b. Worm-gear motor reducer ensures the lift’s control and transmission system works coordinately and reliably.



c. There's a counter weight on the opposite side of synchronous belts, balance the load capacity, and overload alarm system reminds users not to overload goods to avoid accidents.



                                Gear reducer               Synchronous belt               Counter-weight





3. Easy installation and save shipping cost:

Goods lift’s main structure will assemble before delivery, each part and component of the new lift are simplified by standard manufacturing lines, for easy installation and maintenance. Installation manual and video will be provided.



New design brings new configuration, package volume changes accordingly, for example, a 40’ container can load 5 sets of this new lift, but only 2 sets of traditional goods lift, which means buyers can save 60% shipping cost.













New lift’s parts all use famous brand, and after 18 months of non-stop working tests, the new lift still working efficiently. We extend the warranty period to show our confidence on the quality and performance of the new designed goods lift, 10-year for the main structure and 2-year for the whole lift, it is uncommon among machinery industry.






If you plan to upgrade your lift equipment or get a high efficient goods lift with reasonable price and professional service, please contacts us with your requirements, our professional sales and technique team will serve you with 24 hours.