GEM Machinery Plant Expansion

Mar 5, 2016

Since 1999, Shandong's GEM Machinery has been witness to three separate expansions to its plant.

In its first year, our plant only had one workshop and a total of 20 workers. All those engineers and workers who started working with us back in 1999 are now our first generation leaders.

In 2004, we began to expand the plant and we relocated to a bigger site. In that year, we had about 100 workers and engineers together. We began to manufacture more advanced hydraulic lifts, such as our popular wheelchair lift, towable boom lift, and electric scissor lift.

Today, we have a total of three large workshop plants that contain 200 workers. These are plants manufacturing workshops, spraying houses and showrooms. In addition, our lifts have been improved and adapted over time in accordance with customer feedback and our own innovation. Using plasma cutting, shot blasting, automatic welding, and painting spray plastics, we have been able to lead the market on a number of facility machine solutions. Our Gemway lifts are extremely competitive, reliable and safe machines for precision, stability, and durability.

GEM machinery welcome friends from all over the world to come and visit us!