Why GEMWAY® scissor lift table is very safety to use?

July 26th, 2017

GEMWAY scissor lift table is always hot sale around the world. Apart from superb technology and wonderful service, today we will take safety as an example to show you some safety devices of our machine.


1. Safety trip bar
It is installed under the platform. The platform will stop immediately when the trip bar touches any obstacle, which can ensure safety of operator or anybody come under platform accidentally. 
2. Overload warning horn
When the platform is overloaded, the warning light will flicker and the horn will alarm, meanwhile the power supply of motor will be cut off automatically. This device can reminds people when they overload on platform and extend the service life of lift to reduce maintenance costs.
3. Maintenance bar
When we need to do some maintenance work, just open it to support the platform, which can prevent the platform down suddenly. It can ensure 100% safety for operators who under platform and also save maintenance costs.
4. Emergency decline valve 
When the platform is on the upper floor and the power source is suddenly cut off, press this button and the platform will fall down, which can prevent safety accidents.
5. Anti-skid platform 
We use checkered steel plate with different thickness according to different size. This kind of material can protect materials or loading staff from falling down.
All above safety devices of scissor lift table can be chosen according to your requirements. Any interest, please feel free to contact us.