Why GEM Loading Dock Ramp Gains Universal Praise?

May. 11th, 2017


As one of the hottest products, GEM loading dock ramp has been transported to over 60 countries. Spread from mouth to mouth, more and more people come to GEM to seek help for their loading & unloading projects.


What on earth is the magic to attract people all over the world to come to GEM for loading dock ramp?


Firstly, as for materials, Q345C steel, also known as manganese steel, which is widely used for bridge, car, ship, building, etc, is used for GEM loading dock ramp as a replacement of Q235 steel, also known as normal carbon steel, which is widely used for lower requirement of core strength products such as hooks, small screws, shaft, etc.


Secondly, platform of GEM mobile loading ramp is fully paved by steel tube and steel sheet, afterwards grid steel sheet for skid resistance. With help of steel tube, high strength steel plate and grid steel sheet, GEM mobile loading ramp will never suffer from platform sunken.


Thirdly, GEM container ramp speeds up loading and unloading procedures with operational safety in mind. Safety chains, tyre block, supporting legs are used to provide superior forklift ramp safety.


The last but not the least, GEM yard ramp accepts customization according to client’s requirements. If storage space is limited, GEM yard ramp can be made into three parts and this sectional type is able to solve the problem. If a larger platform is required, three yard ramps can be connected with each other to provide enough space.



As time goes on, GEM loading dock ramp keeps moving forward in technique aspect as well as safety, which results in affirmation from people all over the world. Welcome to contact us to enjoy GEM products!