Why Enclosed Carbine Wheelchair Lift Is So Popular Nowadays?

Jul, 21st, 2017

Wheelchair lift is made from aluminum files, very light, durable, and easy to install. It is mainly installed in public or private buildings to help elder or disabled people to access to upper floor and overcome obstacles.


Nowadays, more and more customers prefer to order wheelchair lift with carbine. So why the carbine wheelchair lift is so popular? This article will introduce you 5 features of this kind of lift to explain the question.

1.Enclosed platform protect people on the platform from rains and winds. Users can operate the platform under any weather conditions. And this protective shell can effectively reduce the maintenance frequency of wheelchair lift platform.


2.There are two kinds material of carbine for your choice. One is aluminum plate, another is tempered glass material. Aluminum plate is featured with its light weight, thus never worry the platform weight increased even lifting height is over 6m. And you can see outside clearly without any sight obstruction in the tempered glass carbine.

3.There is light inside the carbine, you can operate it more conveniently.


4.As control panel is installed inside the cabin and on each floor, users can have easy controls in and outside the cabin. The most important thing is that users can operate their lifting and lowering process on their own, without troubling their families.


5.Fully enclosed with tempered glass is an optional configurations that customers can choose according to actual needs. And please be reassured the safe performance of our wheelchair lift, after all each vertical platform lift is equipped with safety sensor under the platform.

All lifting height and platform size of carbine wheelchair lift can be customized according to your local specific requirements. For more details, just contact us for quotation.