Scissor lift table with PVC skirt

July 06, 2016

Scissor lift table is one of fully customized lifts, which is mainly used for lifting cargo, pallets even very large heavy objects such as containers from ground to higher levels. GEM is with 17-year manufacturing experience and nature technology, we can customize many kinds of lift table, such as rotation table, inclined table, low profile table, scissor lift with lips, lift table with PVC skirt and other special requirements.

This week, we finished three units with PVC skirt and lips for one of our regular clients, they are used for loading and unloading goods by forklifts. Its main parameter is as below:

1. Lifting height: 1930 mm

2. Platform size: 3000*2800 mm

3. Load capacity: 1500 kg

4. Lip size: 2400*360 mm

Please kindly noted that for the two lips, one is manual; another is electrical type. For the manual lip, we make it to two pcs, which is easier to operate. 

For electrical lip, which is with one small hydraulic cylinder, we can control it by "STRETCH" & "SHRINK"  buttons, very easy and convenient.

The PVC skirt is an optional detail, it can avoid some objects or someone to enter into scissor structure, so it can be made according to your using conditions. If you have any interest or inquiry, just contact us freely dear. We will work out the best solution for you according to you detailed requirements.