How to use mobile scissor lift to achieve aerial work?

Jun.15th, 2017


One of the best solutions for aerial work is the application of a mobile scissor lift, which will not only improve efficiency but also ensure the safety of the operator. The power type of mobile scissor lift including diesel, AC and DC. We will take the AC power as an example.



First, place the machine in the specified position. One important thing is that it can not work without opening the legs. Then find the power connector, and plug it into power source.
Second, there are two places where you can control the platform to rise and down. The first one is that when people stand on the platform, they can use the control panel, which is more convenient. The second one is that when people stand on the ground, they can use the control box with up, down and an emergency stop button. 
Emergency stop button plays a very important role. Whether in the process of lifting up or lowering down, as long as somebody presses the emergency stop button, the table will stop immediately. This design is mainly to prevent accidents from happening. The platform is barely shaking during the up and down process, which gives the workers a good job experience.
Finally, the four legs can’t be retracted until there are no workers on the platform. If the lifting height is more than 14 meters then we usually add moving assistant, which makes the storage both convenient and safe. Just whirling the handle, people can easily drive a few tons of heavy machine to move. 
After learned so much information, do you want to use mobile scissor lift to replace unsafe ladder during aerial work? Come and contact us. Our team will give you a good working experience.